I have been seeing Evelyn on and off for the last few years.

Initially, I have never experienced mental health concerns, I didn't know what was wrong with me, and I was feeling scared and embarrassed to reach out for help.

I reached out to Evelyn outlining my concerns and explained to her that I had never had psychological therapy before she handled the situation with the utmost attention and care, making the process of getting help feel so incredibly liberating. Reaching out to her was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Over the years Evelyn has helped me through so many situations, without leaving any rock unturned and through times that I felt like there was genuinely no hope for me, she reassured me that we would progress through everything, she truly was a light in the darkness.

Through her dedication, professionalism and genuine care for any matter that she deals with - Evelyn delivers results. I have been free of medication and mental health concerns for the last two years, living a healthy, happy and high functioning life. I continue to see Evelyn occasionally not out of need but because of her positive influence in my life which allows me to function not only as well as I did before experiencing mental health concerns, but even better.

Although I had already had a preconceived idea of what therapy is meant to be like, it was certainly not this way but much better. Evelyn is cool, kind and intelligent, which results in really amazing consultations.

Although I was just a first-year student at the time that I reached out to Evelyn for help, I have progressed to become an entrepreneur of 2 businesses employing 300 people, and she has been a vital part of my success along this journey.

I cannot thank her enough for everything that she has done for me, the positive impact she has had on my life and her willingness to always be available when I need her.

Thank you, Evelyn.


I would highly recommend working with Evelyn, she has a very gentle and empathetic way about her, but she is also firm and straight forward, and I trust her fully. Thank you, Evelyn


Towards the end of last year, overnight, our son started disengaging from us. He thought that we just didn’t understand anything about him – his views, his needs, his rights and his girlfriend (mental case/psychopath here). He thought that we were over-protective parents and that everything we did or said was stupid and "lame". He was fast becoming a rebellious nightmare, constantly testing boundaries. He seemed to be falling in with the wrong crowd - drinking, vaping, smoking cigarettes and weed, lying, being argumentative and rude.

By the time we reached out to Evelyn for help, we were stressed, desperate, and at our wit's end – fearing the complete breakdown between him and ourselves. We were scared of losing our beautiful, loving son forever, as he turned to his toxic girlfriend for support and approval, a girlfriend who we believed had her own problems and agenda and certainly did not have his best interests at heart.

In a short period of time, Evelyn taught us a different approach to parenting a teenager, helping us deal with the situation we faced, by encouraging open and honest value-based conversations and helping us relate to our son in a way that was meaningful and authentic.

Evelyn taught us about mutual problem solving, choices and consequences, active listening and motivational interviewing, helping us to help him identify the thoughts and feelings that led him to make unhealthy choices. This helped him develop new thought patterns resulting in internally directed behaviour changes. These and several other skills became part of our toolkit as we grew closer together into a family of adults.

Along this journey, we learnt a lot about ourselves, as Evelyn helped us become not only more effective parents but better people. Evelyn's approach worked.

Evelyn helped us find ourselves and our son again, and today we have a wonderful, meaningful, authentic, open and honest relationship with him. He is now thriving. He is a well-adjusted, confident, happy young man, loved by his peers, friends and teachers.  He has thrown himself into all aspects of school life, getting involved in team sports, cultural activities, exercising, eating healthily, thinking about his future and what he wants out of life - in essence, striving to be the best that he can be.

Evelyn is compassionate and wise. She gave us a much-needed perspective and unbelievably honest and constructive input - she helped frame things for us. Her calm, pragmatic, direct, no-nonsense approach was something we looked forward to each week in our sessions where we built on the skills that we had learnt and practised the week before. From the depth of our hearts, we would like to  thank you, Evelyn!


After years of childhood abuse and neglect, Evelyn has helped me to become the person I always wished and aspired to be. I cannot thank her enough!


When I went through the roughest patch of my life so far, I was planning on taking drastic measures to end my suffering, until my friend told me about Evelyn. Before walking into the room, my mind was so clouded by sadness that I could barely imagine ever recovering, but walking out of our first session, I had a sense of hope that even the clouds couldn't cast shadows over. I do not doubt that if it wasn't for Evelyn's help, I would not be here today.